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As a mayor, Pete Buttigieg has dealt directly with the gun violence that plagues our cities. As a veteran, he believes the kinds of high-grade weapons he used in the military do not belong on the streets. He is strongly in favor of common sense gun laws and has laid out an agenda that focuses on security and public safety. He joined the bipartisan Mayors Against Illegal Guns in 2013. You can read his action plan to combat gun violence here. You can also watch his speech at the 2020 Gun Safety event in Las Vegas on October 2 here.

Mandatory Gun Buyback Programs

Like the leading gun safety advocacy groups, including Giffords and Moms Demand Action, Pete Buttigieg does not include a mandatory gun buyback proposal in his common sense gun control plan. At the 2020 Gun Safety event in Las Vegas on October 2, 2019, Mayor Buttigieg pointed out that buybacks tend to attract inoperable or old rifles and don't reduce crime. Research shows they are one of the least effective ways to reduce gun violence.[1]

Quotes About Gun Violence

"We need a nationwide licensing and registration system, but that's not nearly enough. We must implement universal background checks, ban military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and hold the gun industry accountable." (Twitter)

“We have to solve the mass shooting epidemic. We — especially our students — should all feel safe in our communities. I’m praying for the students and families from STEM School Highlands Ranch, and will not rest until we deliver common-sense gun reform.”

"The worst part of my job is when we lose a young person to gun violence. I'm sick of fighting it with one hand behind my back. Americans favor common-sense reform such as the bipartisan Mayors Against Illegal Guns framework. It won't fix everything but it will make us safer." (Twitter)

“When it's easier for a mentally ill person to get a gun than for them to get mental health care, we have a priorities problem.” (Twitter)

“Responsible gun owners have been ready to have an adult conversation about common-sense gun policy for years. Congress, where are you?”

“Saying we can't discuss gun policies now is like saying we can't discuss climate right now. It's the worst kind of political correctness.”

“It's one thing to own a gun. It's another to worship it, like a false god, believing it will make you a bigger man.” (Twitter)


Facebook Video: Pete speaking at the South Bend “March for our Lives” -- "What is happening around the country when it comes to gun violence is happening in this city too.... Here in South Bend we're doing everything we know how to deal with the scourge of gun violence. We've added to the police department, we've partnered across the boundaries of faith leaders, social services, federal and local law enforcement. We've reinforced our joint units. We've partnered with the SAVE coalition. And yet we know that we don't live in a vacuum. We live in a state. We live in a country. And I, for one, am sick and tired of living in a country where this is routine."

Pete tweeted to mark the 20th anniversary of Columbine (Twitter) - "Twenty years ago, when I was 17, the shootings at Columbine broke America’s heart. Today’s high schoolers have seen the same kind of horror at Parkland and elsewhere. If we don’t want to repeat this in 20 years, we must summon the courage to deliver common-sense gun reform."

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action (Twitter) - "Grateful for the candidacy of @PeteButtigieg, a strong gun safety champion. He’s not just in favor of stronger gun laws - he’s making it a priority in his policy platform. We shouldn’t tolerate any less from any candidate. #CNNTownHall Mayor Pete"

Shannon Watts tweeted pictures of Pete with Moms Demand Action grassroots activists at a Las Vegas campaign event (Twitter)- ".@PeteButtigieg called out @MomsDemand today during his presidential campaign stop in Las Vegas. Expect Moms Demand Action at all candidates’ events between now and 2020 to make sure gun sense is on the agenda."

Lauren Hogg, Parkland student(Twitter) - "All I know is that out of everyone up on that stage the only individual who has made a genuine effort to see what they can do to prevent gun violence by talking to survivors including myself is @PeteButtigieg. And that was long before he announced he was running."

Exchange with David Hogg (Parkland student) about gun licensing (Twitter)

News Coverage

Chicago Maroon: At IOP, 2020 Hopeful Pete Buttigieg Highlights Gun Safety, “Intergenerational Justice” - "“We [millennials] are the school shooting generation: I was in high school when Columbine happened."

Marie Claire: "Pete Buttigieg on Gun Reform, Universal Background Checks, and Banning AR-15s" - "Buttigieg is a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a bipartisan group within the Everytown network that's comprised of over 1,000 mayors advocating for gun safety. Think: Advancing policies and practices that reduce firearm suicides; and minimizing shootings by the police. After Parkland, he supported the young people within his community demanding that our country ends gun violence."


Pete’s position on gun policy is outlined on his website at